Personal Accident Cover

Accident Cover – Ease The Trauma Of An Accident

You’ve probably experienced the horror of hearing about an industrial accident or an accident on the farm. Have you ever thought to yourself – “That could be me”? In a split second, your life could be drastically changed.

Accident cover (also known as personal injury cover)

pays out a lump sum in the event of your having an accident regardless of where you are: in work, at home, on holiday. The size of the pay-out depends on the nature of the injuries you sustain. Some policies specifically cover visits to a physiotherapist.
It’s not just for you – you can add children or a spouse to the policy for an additional premium.
The lump sum can be used for whatever you like – paying the bills while you’re out of work, adapting your home so that you can live independently, paying for childcare while you are in hospital, or retraining in the case that you are no longer able to do your original line of work, for example.

When is accident cover useful?

Accident cover

pays out a lump sum regardless of fault, making this particularly useful if the work you do or a hobby you enjoy puts you at risk of an accident.
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